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Psychosexual Counselling. Jen1

Psychosexual counselling

In today's world where sexual images are all around us and freely available to access, and sexual practices are openly discussed, people have never been better informed.

But ironically this can leave people with a sense of inadequacy, that somehow they are missing out. If they don't seem to fit with what they see in the media they may feel that in some way they are not 'normal'.

Clients may wish to discuss their concerns around:
  • body image, including their genitals
  • sexual orientation, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, asexual
  • gender identity
  • childhood sexual abuse
  • the experience and effects of rape
  • wanting sex 'too much' or not at all
  • wanting sexual relationships other than the heterosexual couple 'norm'
  • mismatch of desire between partners
  • changing sexual preferences, or only one partner wanting to experiment
  • compulsive use of or engagement in sexual activity, such as Internet porn, particularly where it is affecting work or a sexual relationship with a partner (sexual addiction)
  • fetishism, cross dressing, BDSM(bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism) etc

    It can be helpful to start to voice your concerns to someone who will not be shocked, and will not judge. I will help you to gain a better understanding, to clarify your own thoughts around what you want from sex, and enable couples to negotiate a mutually acceptable sexual relationship.

    "I can't thank you enough, firstly for seeing me so quickly, but mainly for enabling me to see the awful downward spiral I have been consumed within for so very long". Mr X

    To contact me click here to email me or call on 07803 937 936.I am always happy to discuss your needs.

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