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Psychosexual Therapy (PST)

For many people an active and satisfying sex life is an important part of a healthy adult relationship.
However, it is common for people to find they are having sexual difficulties, or no longer enjoying their intimate relationship the way they used to.

Problems could include:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature or retarded ejaculation
  • pain or discomfort on penetration
  • arousal difficulties
  • difficulties with orgasm in men and women
  • vaginismus - muscle spasm around the vagina preventing intercourse
  • loss of sexual desire in men and women
  • a mismatch of sexual desire
  • changing sexual preferences, or a desire to experiment
  • sexual difficulties following sexual abuse or rape
  • your sex life just doesn't live up to your expectations

    This could be for a variety of physical, psychological and emotional reasons, including:
  • tiredness or stress; an inability to relax
  • pregnancy or a new baby
  • menopause
  • illness or medication
  • pressures at work or at home
  • feeling unattractive - poor body image relating to sex
  • breakdown of the relationship
  • negative messages around sex from childhood
  • negative beliefs around sex as you get older
  • stereotypical beliefs around men's and women's enjoyment of sex
  • sexual addiction

    Problems may be temporary, but the longer they go on the harder they are to talk about. Then resentments and self doubt can creep in, often leading to a deterioration in the relationship.

    Psychosexual Therapy can help you to resolve your difficulties and move forward to an improved sex life.

    “I undertook sexual therapy with my new partner. During the sessions Jenny managed to turn incredibly embarrassing and often painful findings into natural and mature discussions. She has an incredibly sharp wit so we were all even able to laugh at various points. We both used to look forward to the sessions as opposed to dreading them – it gave our relationship a new dimension”. Ms D

    You do not have to be in a sexual relationship to benefit from sex therapy; you will be much better prepared when you wish to begin one.

    I am experienced in working with heterosexual, gay, lesbian and trans individuals or couples.

    How does Psychosexual Therapy work?

    Usually sexual problems in a relationship cause tension and 'closing down' - often with at least one partner beginning to feel a failure.

    An initial assessment session, in a friendly relaxed setting, will help you to break down the barrier of talking about problems, making it easier for you and your partner to start to communicate and look at ways of resolving them together.

    I will then explore with each partner individually the reasons behind the problems, considering your state of health, operations, and medication; then looking at family beliefs around sex, events in the past which may have affected sexual behaviour and what you would hope to realistically achieve from sex therapy.

    I may suggest you have a routine check up and blood test with your GP, to rule out conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which can impact on sexual desire and performance.

    Together we will agree a treatment plan specifically for your own problem, with agreed goals. The treatment plan will involve tasks to be carried out at home, helping to diminish performance anxiety and encourage more positive communication between you both.

    No physical examination or exercise is ever carried out by myself.

    During our weekly sessions we will review progress and set new tasks; we may use psychodynamic insights to bring to conscious awareness those beliefs and thoughts which are adversely affecting your sexual relationship; we will work on reframing them using cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) in order to enhance sexual intimacy and trust.

    Psychosexual Therapy requires commitment and patience, but can be most beneficial in changing your intimate sexual and couple relationship for the better.

    "Consummate guidance and understanding, Jenny was first class, thank you for everything. Seeing Jenny has given us more depth and opened a huge door" Client couple Oxford

    To contact me click here to email me or call me on 07803 937 936.

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